Say Cheese.

We all do it — get in front of the camera, fix the hair, stand at a certain practiced angle because you know it’s showing the good side, do a quick test smile just to get the jaw line warmed up, then 1…2…3….. “say cheese!!!”

I’m more a fan of the natural, unadulterated snap shots; the beautiful caught-off-guard moments. But I am quite the hypocrite — especially nowadays, when even my “natural” shots are run through some sort of filter before sharing with the world. Why? Because it just looks better; more presentable. But it looks better to who? It’s more presentable to whom??

To tell you the truth, I’m loving the filters – photo editing is growing to be one of my favorite past-times! But I’m constantly reminded I don’t want to filter so much so that it creates a false reality. Because face it, life is messy. Beautiful, but messy.

As you follow our blogs and social media outlets, we hope you’ll make note of the types of non-profits we’ve chosen to support. We have intentionally selected organizations who help us recognize the messier sides of life; but more than that, these organizations look beyond the mess and help others rise above it.

Our son gave us his “say cheese” face in front of the Building Futures office in San Leandro, right before dropping off our soaps for the shelter residents. What’s not pictured here are the amazing individuals behind the office door who dedicate their days to finding a safe and stable place for someone to call home. Learn more about their important work at This month, 10% of all proceeds from our web sales will go directly to them. We hope you’ll join us in supporting their mission!

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