In the spirit of Valentine’s Day…

Do you all remember Valentine Grams? It was a thing we did in middle school.

A secret admirer/friend would purchase a Valentine’s Gram to give to another kid, and during 4th period on Valentine’s Day, volunteers came into the classrooms to deliver the gram.

Still don’t remember?

Imagine red paper with a picture and simple message about love printed by an outdated photocopy machine taped to a lollipop.

Yes! Valentine Grams!

We remember those few lucky people who somehow ended up getting a ton of grams, while the rest of us stared at our desks thinking…”Who wants a lollipop, anyway?”

Really, we have no qualms with Valentine’s Day or the coveted Valentine Gram. 🙂 We are all for hoarding pink-colored, heart-shaped chocolates at clearance prices the day after V-Day. Who’s with me!?! Gordon actually has very fond memories of dealing with the awkwardness of not getting any Valentine Grams. Trying to beat the system, he bought a jumbo pack of caramel apple lollipops the day before Valentine’s Day and passed it out to his other buddies that didn’t get any lollipop love. Good times.

Any opportunity to give a person a reason to be intentional and love on others is worth celebrating. Valentine’s Day is no exception. But sometimes…amidst the festivities, the celebration becomes exclusive, tense, or awkward to some. We get it..

So in an attempt to be more mindful this Valentine’s Day, we racked our brains for something to say that would be meaningful to even the most cautious Valentine’s Day person. We landed on the phrase in the photo: YOU ARE LOVED. You…your story, your purpose…on this day – you are worth celebrating. So, Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

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