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At T.o.Y Soap, all our products are meant to send the message, "Thought of You" (and we mean that quite literally, as you'll notice this phrase embedded directly in our logo!) We've thought about the ingredients and scent combinations, we've thought about what products might fit your needs, we've thought about what might fit the needs of your loved ones. So no, there are no toys in our soap products. But there has been a whole lot of thought put into them! 

Hello, and thanks for stopping by! We're a SF Bay Area soap company operated by a husband and wife team. Our soaps are handmade in our home kitchen using the traditional cold process fashion - this means we know and control exactly what goes into each of our products. We take pride in using only food-grade ingredients: the color in our soaps are derived from items you might find in your kitchen and the scents come from essential oils.

We hope our soaps become an addition to your personal collection, and we make it easy to spread the goodness to your loved ones. Feel free to browse our gift options - from customizable favors to soap sets, there is something for everyone.

meet the team.


Gordon is the creative brain for T.o.Y Soap - he develops our recipes and makes all our soap from his studio (aka home kitchen). When not soap-making, you'll find Gordon chasing our rambunctious toddler or learning new beats on his cajon.


Allison is the official soap tester for T.o.Y Soap - she is also responsible for our social media, marketing and community collaborations. Allison is a registered nurse by trade, and in her spare time, enjoys time outdoors with friends and family.

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